If you are looking for a special holiday location, you will find that Montmartre, Paris is a beautiful and historic place to visit and spend time. Montmartre is a small bohemian community of artists. This area is three hundred feet above the other areas where you will have a splendid view of the Eiffel Tower. You will see the artists at work, painting, selling and just talking to all the visitors. This is a vacationer’s delight. If you want an affordable holiday vacation, this is where to go…

Montmartre – A Beautiful and Historic Place to Visit


Adventures on the Hilltop of Montmartre

Getting up to Montmartre is a plight all in its own. People line up at the trains for a ride to the top. If you plan your trip to this area, stay in one of the many villas, hotels or bed and breakfasts.  Once you are at the top, you will not want to come back down. The area is filled with gardens and beautiful artwork that can keep you busy for days. You might even enjoy a stay at one of the lodges near the vineyards. You can take tours of the countryside and the vineyards to see how the wines of Paris are made.


Artists and Attractions

The area is well known for its nightlife and the famous Basilica of the Sacre Coeur. Another famous attraction is the Saint Pierre de Montmartre. If you plan to go on vacation to Montmartre, you will hear about some of the famous artists who used the area to paint and become a household name. Van Gogh, Picasso and Monet should be on your list of artists to learn about while you are in Montmartre so that you can see where they painted and find out how they began their famous careers.


Restaurants, Hotels and Nightlife

You will find thirteen popular restaurants in Montmartre, which serve different types of cuisine and over thirty hotels with affordable prices for your stay on the hilltop. Many people go to Montmartre to see the historic parts of Paris that no one ever talks about or sees. You cannot find a better place to stay for restaurants, nightlife and culture than Montmartre.  If you just visit for the day, you can take the stairs up, which offers more scenery, but is also quite a hike with three feet of stairs.


Montmartre – An Enjoyable and Informative Vacation

Anyone who plans to spend their holiday in Montmartre should stay on the hilltop and venture down to Paris below. You will find your stay enjoyable and very informative. Plan to stay for a week or a few days and make sure to take in the nightlife on the hill. You will experience what the locals do for excitement. You will also get a better idea of how the artists get their creative juices flowing, so they can paint and live comfortably on the hilltop.  You will not regret an affordable holiday vacation like this, which will provide you with an experience of a lifetime.



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